Mezhgan : Make Up Artist to the Stars
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Mezhgan Make Up Artist Hollywood Makeup
Inspriation. Determination. Drive.

Those are just some of the words that convey this true success story of a girl who fled Afghanistan to become an icon in the makeup world.

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Introducing "Me by Mezhgan"

Hi everybody! People are always asking me what I use to create the flawless faces they see not only on HDTV and the red carpet, but on the contestants I've transformed on many reality shows! I am very pleased to announce that after many years of perfecting colors and formulas, I have finally launched my new cosmetic line.

I invite you to discover me by {me}zhgan. The line features products that simplify how you do makeup and brings the make artist home to you. The flawless finishes allow you to show your face not your makeup and make you proud of the {me} you see in the mirror. So go ahead and take a peek and unleash your inner {me} .

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