Mezhgan : Make Up Artist to the Stars
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It has always been Mezhgan's dream to be able to help the Women and Children of Afghanistan and to help rebuild schools and hospitals. She continues to work toward this cause and is in the process of setting up The FARAWAY Foundation which will be not-for-profit organization through which Mezghan hopes to be able to achieve help for those who need it most in her homeland.

Mezhgan hopes she can help to educate others of the horrors that once existed for millions of people in her homeland. In addition, she wants to bring about the realization that like all people living in the United States, many people from her region of the world also desire the dream of life, liberty and happiness.

A Struggle near & dear to Mezhgan's Heart
As a humanitarian, Mezhgan was a guest on a heart felt episode of "The Montel Williams Show". Taped shortly after the tragedy of September 11th, Mezhgan recalled the circumstances leading up to and events that occured during her family's escape from their native Afghanistan in the early 1980s.
Mezhghan’s mission is to help support the people of her country to rebuild their infrastructure, provide a proper education for the children and help create a reliable & sustainable health care system, things that we take for all too granted in the United States.

The FARAWAY foundation is still being established but please check back in future to see how you can help.
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