Mezhgan : Make Up Artist to the Stars
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Mezhgan and Fanstasia from American Idol About Mezhgan

Hollywood Makeup artist, Mezhgan has become one of the most respected professionals in her career working with some of the hottest television shows and biggest names in the business. Currently working on the runaway hit series, "American Idol", she can add such celebrities as Ryan Seacrest, Barry Gibb, Carrie Underwood and Simon Cowell to her resume.

Mezhgan's big break came when she got the opportunity to work as the makeup artist to actor, John O'Hurley (of Mr. Peterman "Seinfeld" fame) on the game show, "To Tell The Truth". After a successful run of two seasons on the popular game show, Mezhgan had finally arrived and was off and running.

As a humanitarian, Mezhgan was a guest on a heart felt episode of "The Montel Williams Show". Taped shortly after the tragedy of September 11th, Mezhgan recalled the circumstances leading up to and events that occurred during her family's escape from their native Afghanistan in the early 1980s. Mezhgan hopes to educate others of the horrors that once existed for millions of people in her homeland. In addition, she wants to bring about the realization that like all people living in the United States, many people from her region of the world only too desire the dream of life, liberty and happiness. The FARAWAY Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that Mezhgan has set up for the Women and Children of Afghanistan to help rebuild schools and hospitals. She continues to work toward this cause and she is currently working on a book based on her life experience.

Mezhgan continues to work as a much sought after makeup artist in the entertainment industry. Whether working on popular television programs, famous faces, selling her makeup line on QVC or preparing her upcoming book, this woman is definitely making a brilliant mark on Hollywood!
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